Living in the Woods...
A Story of Never Ending Rebirth
Doreyl Ammons Cain

Standing in the middle of the woods I watch the process of destruction into new life. The sun, wind and rain break down life back into the earth from which it comes and then in turn fresh new life springs forth from the earth. Insects and birds fall to the ground when their flight is finished and become fertilizer to grow others and the cycles continue. The coming and going of seasons tell the story of never ending rebirth. Snuggled safe in our shelters, away from the elements, we shut ourselves away from this most creative story.

This season at Nature’s Home my husband Jerry & I took a break from working outside. After building our Yurts and the recycling permiculture systems, the time came for different, less physical projects. Then, like a fresh plant bursting forth in the spring, a new idea was born. We were hiking up Nature’s Home mountain in the snow during the month of January. With water pipes frozen stiff, we searched for a spot to begin the process of defrosting. All of life lay covered by sparkling crystals of reflective clear color. Nothing moved. Then we saw them, mouse tracks in the snow. Little tracks that spoke of high energy, resilience, exploration and survival at all odds.

“We could learn from these tracks.” Jerry said. “Mouse tracks, what a great name for our new project.”

During the winter Jerry had started working on a way to help market small businesses who have little money, yet good services to offer. Of course, being a webmaster and programer, Jerry’s idea developed into a search engine to link local business communities throughout the world wide web. So the name MouseTrax search engine came into being.

Growing slowly but surely from the rich earth of the forests, MouseTrax search engine reflects the story of never ending rebirth. Experiencing dead ends, deterioration and sudden regeneration, MouseTrax is a story of continuous change and survival at all odds.

Mousetrax links businesses to the world through a “business links program.” You cut & paste a free search box to the main page of your website. The MouseTrax search box allows your visitors to search your site and also the world wide web. If someone comes to your site and takes a free search box, then your website is linked to it and all subsequent sites it is placed on. Like the spokes of a wheel, it radiates a possibility for success on the Internet for local businesses.

MouseTrax was conceived and still grows from deep in the forests of these mountains. With a little more fertilizer it’s roots will spread throughout the world. Try it out at


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